MoYu WeiLong Review

The Moyu Weilong is the second cube that Moyu produced. The Weilong was used by Feliks Zemdegs who obtained the 3×3 World Record Average with an impressive time of 7.49 seconds! The Moyu Weilong comes in Black, White, Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green and Purple. If you purchase a Black cube, the box will come in white and if you purchase a white cube the box will come in black.


This cube is fast and smooth. The quickness on this cube can get uncontrollable so it is highly recommended that you add slightly more lubricant than you normally would for a standard 3×3. Corner cutting is capable of doing 45 degrees and reverse cut line to line. Pops do not happen as it has a torpedo mechanism. Locks up are rare as the corner cutting is superb. Overall the Moyu Weilong is a great speedcube as long as you slightly over lube it if the speed is an issue.

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World Record Average video

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Shengshou Twist Puzzle

Shengshou has released another non WCA puzzle! It is the Shengshou Twist puzzle also known as the Snake puzzle.

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Dayan Lunhui Review

The Dayan Lunhui is the 4th model in the Dayan 3×3 Series. It is 56mm which is 1mm smaller than the Zhanchi and Guhong. It comes in Black ,White, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow and Stickerless.


The Dayan Lunhui is a really sturdy cube. The turning and feeling wise of the cube is smooth, quiet and dense. Pops do not happen as it has torpedoes in it. Lockups do happen sometime but that can be easily eliminated by tensioning and lubing the cube properly. Corner cutting is not as easily done as the Zhanchi. It can cut 45 degrees but it takes a little force. But that is not a problem when solving.

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Dayan Lunhui Black Dayan Lunhui Box Dayan Lunhui White Dayan Lunhui Stickerless Dayan Lunhui Corner Dayan Lunhui Mechanism Dayan Lunhui

FangShi ShuangRen v1 Review

The FangShi ShuangRen is the first 3×3 made by FangShi. It was certainly a unique cube and it did not disappoint. It comes in Black and White.


The FangShi ShuangRen out of the box is grindy and sandy. It really has a unique feel compared to other brands such as Dayan and Shengshou. After a lot of solves and breaking in, the grindyness dies down and is left with a smoother sandy feel. Corner cutting is easily done. With great corner cutting, lockups are very minimal. Pops never happen as it has the interlocking edge-corner mechanism. One problem with the ShuangRen is the corner twists. This can be easily fixed with accurate turns and the right tension. This is a must try cube!

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Shengshou Aurora Review

Shengshou Aurora is one of the latest lines of 3×3 from Shengshou. It is a must try cube and the price helps it too. The cube comes in Black or White.


The Shengshou Aurora has a nice smooth feel because of the tracks on the edge pieces. It is really controllable. Perfect for any beginners out there. Corner cutting is capable of doing 45 degrees easily but with perfect tension. Lockups do happen occasionally but with experience with the cube, they should become minimal. Pops are surprising hard to get so that is a plus. Once the Shengshou Aurora is tensioned and lubed, it really is superb. This is a cube that is worth checking out!

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FangShi ShuangRen v2 Review

The FangShi ShuangRen v2 is the 2nd version of the Fangshi 3×3 line. The little changes to the cube has a big change from the version 1. The cube comes in Black, White and Primary. Is it better than the version 1?


The Fangshi ShuangRen v2 has a smooth,buttery,bubbly and the unique ‘Fangshi Sandy feel’. Corner cutting on this cube is superb just like any of the Fangshi lines. Lockups are very minimal with proper tension. Pops do not happen because of its interlocking corner and edge mechanism. The only minor down side to this cube is the corner twists. This has been a problem with the Fangshi 3×3 lines. But with proper tensioning and lubing, the problem with be very minimal.

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Dayan Zhanchi 3×3 Review

The Dayan Zhanchi is one of the best speedcube on the market. It was released in Early 2011. The Dayan Zhanchi comes in Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow,Primary, Purple and Orange. Feliks Zemdegs broke the Fprmer World Record Single of 5.66 seconds using the Dayan Zhanchi.


The Dayan Zhanchi is a fast and smooth cube but has a snappy feel. If you want to slow it down, be sure to add some lube to the pieces but do not overlube! Corner cutting is 45 degrees with proper tension. Reverse cutting is also line to line. Pops are not a problem as it has ‘torpedoes’ installed into the cube. Lockups can happen sometimes but is not a problem. Overall the Dayan Zhanchi is perfect for anyone who is looking into upgrading to a better cube. It is recommend for cubers who are fairly experienced in cubing.

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The world’s first cubic 10x10x10 will be released soon! Shengshou 10×10!

Good News, Everybody! The manufactuer Shengshou will release its 10×10 soon.The Shengshou 10×10!  It will be the world’s first 10x10x10 in mass production. We will make the stickers for the first samples. Then the manufactuer will send one of them to us. We will make a testing/ demonstration video of it once we receive it.Please pay close attentions to us. For pre-order, please go here

IMG_1096a2 IMG_1097a2

Gans Puzzle III 3×3

This is the new Gans Puzzle 3×3. This cube is very unique in its new design. It’s a must to try one for yourself!


Here is a video of its performance.

How to assemble the cube

Gans 2 Gans 3 Gans 4 Gans 5 Gans 6 Gans 7 Gans 8 Gans 9 Gans 10

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