MoYu WeiLong Review

The Moyu Weilong is the second cube that Moyu produced. The Weilong was used by Feliks Zemdegs who obtained the 3×3 World Record Average with an impressive time of 7.49 seconds! The Moyu Weilong comes in Black, White, Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green and Purple. If you purchase a Black cube, the box will come in white and if you purchase a white cube the box will come in black.


This cube is fast and smooth. The quickness on this cube can get uncontrollable so it is highly recommended that you add slightly more lubricant than you normally would for a standard 3×3. Corner cutting is capable of doing 45 degrees and reverse cut line to line. Pops do not happen as it has a torpedo mechanism. Locks up are rare as the corner cutting is superb. Overall the Moyu Weilong is a great speedcube as long as you slightly over lube it if the speed is an issue.

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World Record Average video

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