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Shengshou Twist Puzzle

Shengshou has released another non WCA puzzle! It is the Shengshou Twist puzzle also known as the Snake puzzle.

Check it out here:


Gans Puzzle III 3×3

This is the new Gans Puzzle 3×3. This cube is very unique in its new design. It’s a must to try one for yourself!


Here is a video of its performance.

How to assemble the cube

Gans 2 Gans 3 Gans 4 Gans 5 Gans 6 Gans 7 Gans 8 Gans 9 Gans 10

Fangshi Shuangren v2

We have received a sample of the FangShi Shuangren v2 today from the Fangshi Manufacturer.

It’s the primary color version.

Check it out here



MF8 Legend 3×3 II preview!

Check it out here


IMG_4346a2 IMG_4347a2IMG_4348a2

MF8 Legend 3×3 is a tiled version, there will be two kinds of cores. The one is spherical, the other one is traditional cross-axle core.

IMG_4343a2 IMG_4344a2 IMG_4345a2

Geranimu 2D planar twisty puzzle is coming!

Hi everybody,
We will have the Geranimu 2D planar twisty puzzle in 2 days. The puzzle is very beautiful and delicate!
It is a different and challenging puzzle to solve when scrambled.

Check it out here

Shengshou Mastermorphix is coming!

Hi everybody,
Shengshou has released its first Mastermorphix! It’s stickerless. Very Beautiful puzzle!
We will have it instock in two days. You can pre-order it at our store here –

Shengshou Mastermorphix

Mini Fangshi Shuangren preview

We’ve received a sample of the Mini Fangshi Shuangren! There are three color versions of it.

They are –

1. black
2. white
3. two-color mixed one(primary body with black caps) ?– produced and available first. We will have it in the stock from June 27.

Check it out here


mini Fangshi Shuangren





IMG_4029a2IMG_4031a2IMG_4032a2IMG_4038a2IMG_4039a2IMG_4033a2 IMG_4034a2 IMG_4035a2 IMG_4036a2