FangShi ShuangRen v1 Review

The FangShi ShuangRen is the first 3×3 made by FangShi. It was certainly a unique cube and it did not disappoint. It comes in Black and White.


The FangShi ShuangRen out of the box is grindy and sandy. It really has a unique feel compared to other brands such as Dayan and Shengshou. After a lot of solves and breaking in, the grindyness dies down and is left with a smoother sandy feel. Corner cutting is easily done. With great corner cutting, lockups are very minimal. Pops never happen as it has the interlocking edge-corner mechanism. One problem with the ShuangRen is the corner twists. This can be easily fixed with accurate turns and the right tension. This is a must try cube!

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