FangShi ShuangRen v2 Review

The FangShi ShuangRen v2 is the 2nd version of the Fangshi 3×3 line. The little changes to the cube has a big change from the version 1. The cube comes in Black, White and Primary. Is it better than the version 1?


The Fangshi ShuangRen v2 has a smooth,buttery,bubbly and the unique ‘Fangshi Sandy feel’. Corner cutting on this cube is superb just like any of the Fangshi lines. Lockups are very minimal with proper tension. Pops do not happen because of its interlocking corner and edge mechanism. The only minor down side to this cube is the corner twists. This has been a problem with the Fangshi 3×3 lines. But with proper tensioning and lubing, the problem with be very minimal.

Get your own Fangshi ShuangRen v2 here: FangShi ShuangRen v2

Video Review: 

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