Dayan Lunhui Review

The Dayan Lunhui is the 4th model in the Dayan 3×3 Series. It is 56mm which is 1mm smaller than the Zhanchi and Guhong. It comes in Black ,White, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow and Stickerless.


The Dayan Lunhui is a really sturdy cube. The turning and feeling wise of the cube is smooth, quiet and dense. Pops do not happen as it has torpedoes in it. Lockups do happen sometime but that can be easily eliminated by tensioning and lubing the cube properly. Corner cutting is not as easily done as the Zhanchi. It can cut 45 degrees but it takes a little force. But that is not a problem when solving.

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Video Review:

Dayan Lunhui Black Dayan Lunhui Box Dayan Lunhui White Dayan Lunhui Stickerless Dayan Lunhui Corner Dayan Lunhui Mechanism Dayan Lunhui

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