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YJ Guanlong 3x3 black
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YJ Guanlong 3x3 black


The YJ Guanlong provides great value for the novice or intermediate speed-cuber. I ordered 5 of these cubes along with a larger order, thinking that I'd give them to friends who seemed interested in giving cubing a try. I was pleasantly surprised when I took one out of the box. Although there is a scratchy sound and feel that never entirely disappears, the cube turns quickly and accurately, and has adequate corner-cutting in both directions. The color scheme of the stickers is very nice with high contrast, although the black plastic does darken the red to some degree. I'll still give these cubes to friends so that they can try their hand with a "real" speed cube, but I'm keeping at least one back for my own use. I plan to order more; how can you possibly go wrong at this price for a decent cube!
Date Added: 01/23/2015 by Rodney Weis