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DaYan + MF8

MF8 Petaminx black(stickered)
MF8 Petaminx black(stickered)
  • Model: MBPX03
  • Shipping Weight: 1300g
  • Manufactured by: MF8

Price:   $129.99

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中文名称:魔方吧九阶五魔方(黑色成品 配送:绒袋 + Z贴纸 )

Product Name: MF8 Petaminx

Color: black

Height: 143mm

Side Length: 58mm

Net Weight: 1015g

Ps. Will comes in assembled, stickered and well-lubricated.

       The hand-feeling is even better than the Teraminx. ^_*

mf8 Petaminx Standard Color Scheme(for black body):

white is oppsite to gray

red is poosite to orange

green is oppsite to light green

purple is oppsite to pink

yellow is oppsite to light yellow

blue is oppsite to light blue


1. 1pcs MF8 Petaminx black(assembled, stickered & well-lubricated)

2. 1pcs cube bag

3. 1set Z-Stickers for Petaminx(13 colors,including the black and white)


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