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Armadillo Cube

Armadillo Cube
Armadillo Cube
  • Model: AMD331
  • Shipping Weight: 200g
  • Manufactured by: Armadillo Cube

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Product Name: Armadillo Cube

Color: stickerless

Weight: 140g

Size: 80mm*80mm*80mm

From Auckland, New Zealand.

Armadillo Cube is a 3D spatial puzzle with not 6, but 12 color groups (the edges). Additionally the position and orientation of the color keyed center pieces leads to only one (very tricky) resolve.

The organic form of the Armadillo Cube is a perfect fit for human hands and effortless to maneuver.

With a captivating colorful form, The Armadillo Cube is an object beckoning you to pick up and explore. 

For a casual spin, you can most easily solve one individual edge. Then much like the traditional Rubik's and other 6 sided cube puzzles, you can have a crack at one layer, that is four edges. To go a step further you can attempt matching the edges to a color coded center piece...etc. etc. Ultimately all edge colors and all center colors are all matched and aligned, So good luck with that.

Iterative design detail has gone into the internal mechanics with speed play and robustness in mind. Tools have gone through tweeks and adjustments to achieve a top notch look and feel. Quality materials and tolerance manufacturing were a priority for manufacturer selection.

With a long history of people pulling labels and unscrewing fasteners to reset their messed up, apparently unsolvable cube puzzles, a de-skinning functionality has been incorporated. With a Lego like construction one can easily remove to reset the colors, just like new. And for those of you that memorize the corner positions, the whole color layout can be changed up.

The skin of the Armadillo Cube can be removed and reset.



David Lim, an official delegate of the World Cubing Association, has been soak testing the Armadillo Cube. He holds an official personal record on a standard 3x3 of 10.02 seconds. Working with the new challenge he currently solves the Armadillo Cube in just under 5 minutes.

"The Armadillo Cube feels unique, it requires more focused attention to keep on track and there are more steps to think about."  David Lim


The team: 

Mike Kessell  

 "The Armadillo Cube offers quick rewards for the novice while still being a new and greater challenge for the seasoned campaigner'"

Grant Prestidge 

"My hope is that people will instinctively feel a sense of nostalgia with the The Armadillo Cube, a modern twist on much loved classic."

Motivated by the missing potential of 3x3 puzzles, New Zealanders, Mike Kessell and Grant Prestidge were driven to design a new more complex and interesting game not withholding a beautifully functional form. 

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